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by Dev Duff on March 9, 2010

Free web hosting

Web Hosting is the first step to make a solid presence online. However, not everyone can afford costly web servers and dedicated servers for their start-up business. A good free web hosting provider can be extremely helpful in taking your business online. I have been researching on some of the best web hosting service providers and have been looking for an ad-free web hosting service that provides basic hosting for free. I emailed many people, asked friends, surveyed people, read hundreds of web hosting reviews and finally found the best free web hosting provider.

I have tried many different web hosting services so far but have not came across many that offer 100% free web hosting without any sort of ads. Most web hosting providers that offer free website hosting, include their ads. Needless to say, it becomes really annoying when you find your website with advertisements from your web host. There is hardly any use of such websites because they never take up on rankings on Search Engines.

If you are planning to setup a new website or wish to move over to a 100% free web hosting provider, look no further. I have researched enough and found Host Cabin hosting the best free hosting provider. There is no need of spending even a single cent when Host Cabin is providing hosting for free. Technically, the basic ad-free hosting you will get will be good enough to take your business online. Once it starts picking traffic, it is easy to upgrade your hosting package.

So, to know about them I called up their tech support phone number and had a word with their technical support staff. I asked them various questions about their free web hosting service. The gentleman over the phone was very professional and technically good. He explained all the key points and benefits of signing up with them for hosting my websites and I believe, I did the right thing. Now I can host all my new start-up websites with Host Cabin, guess it is a pretty good deal to test the potential of my new launches.

No matter what, we won’t have to tolerate annoying ads that free web hosting providers push on user’s websites. This is a 100% ad-free free web hosting service and I’m sure, you will enjoy it as much as I am enjoying. If you have used the Host Cabin web hosting service, please consider sharing your reviews and experience with everyone. Any pros-cons you know, please share them with others.

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Cool I am looking for free web hosting and Host cabin seems to be promising. The ads are the reason I unsigned with many hosting providers. Let’s try host cabin and see if it is cool.



Host Cabin is good, I have tried them and still hosting a couple of websites there.



Glad to find this review of Host Cabin! I am about to signup with them but just wanted to make sure that they are good or not. I think that they are pretty good with their plans. Thank you for sharing your experience.



hostzero.cc also offers free webhosting with no ads you are free to use your own ads


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