TyentUSA Coupons 25% Off All Water Ionizers

by Dev Duff on October 18, 2011

Ionized Water is good for health because it is enriched with minerals that our body needs in order to stay healthy and fit. TyentUSA offers water ionizers that can help you stay healthy. Now you can save 25% on all water ionizers at TyentUSA and save money on water ionizers. This offer is good until Oct 30, 2011. Check the offers below and select which water ionizer you would like to purchase.

How water ionizer works?

A water ionizer separates water into alkaline and acid fractions using a process known as electrolysis. When a source of water lacks mineral ions, such as distilled water, or has been filtered by reverse osmosis, minerals must be added to water for electrolysis to occur. TyentUSA water ionizers have been used by millions across the globe and consumers are very satisfied with the quality. Tyent USA supplies a range of ionizers to meet your lifestyle and wellness needs.

TyentUSA coupons Oct 2011

UCE-9000 Turbo Under-Counter Extreme Water Ionizer
UCE-9000 Turbo Under-Counter Extreme Water Ionizer
Regular Price: $3,995.00
Sale Price: $2,996.25
Buy: UCE-9000 Turbo Water Ionizer

MMP-9090 Turbo Water Ionizer
MMP-9090 Turbo Water Ionizer
Regular Price: $3,495.00
Sale Price: $2,621.25
Buy: MMP-9090 Turbo Water Ionizer

MMP-7070 Turbo Water Ionizer
MMP-7070 Turbo Water Ionizer
Regular Price: $2,695.00
Sale Price: $2,021.25
Buy: MMP-7070 Turbo Water Ionizer

About TyentUSA Water Ionizers

TyentUSA is the leader in super water ionizers. Pure clean super water is ionized for consumers who are serious about their health. Super water is also great for your skin, hair and much more. Consumers will be extremely pleased for years to come with the MMP-7070 Turbo Water Ionizer from TyentUSA, a next generation water ionizer that is capable of producing chemical free super water.

TyentUSA also offers the Tyent MMP-9090 Turbo Extreme Water Ionizer that produces pH levels from the lowest acidic levels to the highest alkaline water levels available in the industry today. Consumers will notice new found energy levels with ionized water, which provides the body with an abundance of oxygen.

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Hey there, thanks for posting these coupons. I’m looking for water ionizers for home and office. The discounted price looks great! I purchased a couple of these and they should be soon delivered. Once again, thanks for Tyentusa.com coupons, saved me good money!


Hillary Watson

Excellent, the discount price worked for me and saved me good money. Thanks Dev.



sweet! thanks for sharing these coupons!!


D Frederick

Very good, Amazing, Love you! Thank you so much for sharing these water purifier coupons and deals. I love the holiday season because of such coupons and discounted prices. I’ve been waiting since last 4 months for the prices to drop. Thanks for sharing man!


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