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by Dev Duff on January 9, 2011

You may have visited thousands of websites, read thousands of pages or may be even consulted many of your friends for unique gift ideas to find the best gift for your loved one. But finding the best unique gift ideas is certainly not an easy task. So what can you do to come up with some cool stunning gift ideas for this Valentine’s Day or for other occasions? Either you can stick to the old boring traditional gifts and simply buy anything that pops up in your mind or you can read through this list that features some of the unique gift ideas. You can also find the best gift stores that offer the best gift items like cool electronics, gadgets, flowers, sports gifts, gifts for art and music lovers and lots more. This list of top gift ideas will help you in finding amazing gifts for him, for her, for mother, for father, for husband, for sports lovers and even for your granny. This is the most comprehensive ultimate gift guide that lists best gift ideas of 2011 and best gift stores of 2011.

Unique gift ideas for men

  • DeadWoodKnives – All kinds of knives to gift to your man. Men love knives.
  • UGradShop – The college bookstore of gifts.
  • Executive Gift Shop – Perfect executive gifts for men.
  • Venture Heat – Venture heated clothing and heat therapy products.
  • BathrobesOnline – Stylish Bathrobes for men can be great gift ideas.
  • FiveFingerTees – We all love Tshirts. Tees can be great gifts for men.
  • O’Neill Clothing – High quality boardshorts, bags, denim, footwear, knits and lots more gift ideas.
  • CaseFashion – Some of the best iPhone and iPad cases that can be great gift ideas.
  • Altrec.com – Quality clothing, accessories and sports gear for men.
  • Keen Footwear – The best footwear, boots and shoes for gifting.

Unique gift ideas for women

  • Lauren Hutton – Makeup that will make her look even more gorgeous, a wonderful gift for her.
  • HerbsPro – Finest herbs at finest prices, can’t be a better way to show your love.
  • Solerra Sunless Tanning – Solerra Sunless Tanning offers tanning lotion for women.
  • Rush Industries – Mall that features cosmetics, beauty care, hair care and other products for women.
  • Clipa.us – Featuring awesome utilities for women.
  • ReminderBand – A wonderful gift to express your love for her.
  • Wilshire Wigs – Wonderful wigs that will make her look even more gorgeous.
  • Quiges – Oscaro silver charms and other stylish fashion jewelery.
  • HartfordYork – Stylish hats and accessories from the World’s finest designers.
  • BestInsoles – A fine way to show your love and care by gifting best insoles.

Unique gift ideas for kids and baby

  • MyBambino – Some of the finest baby gifts like baby furniture, piggy banks and more.
  • Book By You – Gift ideas like personalized books for teens and kids.
  • Jigsaw2order – Make your kid smarter with personalized jigsaw.
  • Baby Gift Station – A huge baby gifts mall to find the best gifts for baby.
  • Stork Avenue – Top baby gifts featuring baby announcements and invitations.
  • The Juppy – Exclusive baby products to teach your baby to walk, a wonderful gift idea.
  • Pink Taffy Designs – A wonderful children boutique and baby boutique to find unique baby gifts.
  • Belle Baby Carriers – High quality baby carriers by BelleBabyCarriers, a wonderful gift idea.
  • MyBabyCanTalk – Another great gift idea. Its a complete early language development program recommended by pediatricians.
  • My Baby Clothes Boutique – Unique designer baby clothes can be great gift ideas.
  • FlattenMe – Award winning personalized storybooks for kids and baby. Kids love story books.

Unique gift ideas for mother

  • PoshMommy Jewelry – There can’t be a better way to show your love for your mother, these metal jewelry items are my favorite gifting idea.
  • Great Russian Gifts – A wide range of cutest gifts for mother.
  • Nuddle Blanket – Its winters and its perfect time to gift your mother the coziest blanket ever.
  • Zook Hooks – Quality purse hangers and purse hooks can be great gifts for mom.
  • Designer Shoes – The best designer shoes for your mom, a wonderful gift idea for mother.
  • Baghaus – The best ladies handbag house. Handbags are wonderful gifts.
  • Mineral Hygienics – You can go wrong with natural mineral makeup products. Good for skin, shows your love for your mom.
  • Aircut – Wonderful tools to make haircutting a breeze.
  • Salon Web – Best hair care and skin care products for your mom, she deserves the best.
  • Chinese Laundry – Some of the finest boots, sandals and more for ladies.

Unique gift ideas for father

  • Gearcor – The best work gear at Gearcor. Your father deserves the best gift!
  • New Balance Tampa – Wonder shoes at New Balance Tampa, your dad will surely love a pair as gift.
  • Auto Parts Nerd – Is your dad looking for some auto part? That’s where you find the best parts at lowest prices.
  • UMI Direct – Great quality brand name apparel for your father, a great gift idea.
  • Original Retro Brand – Retro clothing is one of the best gift ideas.
  • VolcanoeCigs – Help your dad quit smoking tar cigarettes and gift harmless electronic cigs.
  • Cellars Wine Club – Gift some of the greatest wines through Cellars Wine Club.
  • Schwetty Balls – Awesome golf balls at awesome prices, a great gift idea.
  • SteakBrands – Monogram and personalized steak branding irons for dad.
  • Biblica Direct – Bibles by the case at discount prices for ministry and outreach, wonderful gifting idea for father.

Unique electronics gift ideas

  • XShot – A wonderful product that revolutionized photography, perfect gift idea.
  • 101inks – Printer ink, toner and cartridges can be great gift ideas.
  • WholeHouse FM Transmitter – A wonderful electronic device that can be gifted to anyone.
  • USB Phone World – Laptop batteries and laptop AC adapters for all major brand laptops.
  • TheHeadsetBuddy – A headset adapter that allows you to use your existing PC, phone, smartphone, iPhone, or stereo headset with different devices.
  • Vanns Superstore – Vann’s Electronic Superstore has everything from headphones to High Definition TVs.
  • Blazing Zone – A great place to find cheap electronics and electronic accessories.
  • Electro Computer Warehouse – A wonderful store to find cheap computers and notebooks below $100.
  • Brilliant Store – Wish to gift amazing electronics and amazing gadgets at cheap prices? You can find it all at Brilliant Store.
  • Shredder Warehouse – Sometimes utilities can be great gift ideas and these paper shredders are great for gifting.

Unique chocolate gift ideas

  • Mrs Beasleys – Chocolates, cookies, brownies, cakes and more. A wonder store to buy Valentine’s Day gifts.
  • Purdy’s Chocolates – The finest chocolates store online, excellent gift ideas.
  • Brownie Points Inc – Gourmet brownies, gourmet popcorn, chocolate confections and lots more.
  • The Wisconsin Cheeseman – Quality chocolate, candies, gift baskets and more.
  • Ruth’s Brownies – Awesome brownies, cookies, bars, fine valrhona chocolate and lots more gift ideas.
  • CookieHQ – Gorgeous cookies coated with candies, its really a cookies headquarter.
  • Candy Crate – Looking for retro candy gifts? Among the best stores to buy Valentine gifts.
  • EdibleGiftsPlus – Photo cookies, logo cookies, picture cookies and lots more gift ideas.
  • Hannah’s Caramel Apples – Amazingly delicious caramel apples are wonderful gifts.
  • zChocolat – Another great chocolate store to buy quality rich chocolates at great prices.

Unique flowers gift ideas

  • 2Flowers – Send gorgeous flowers worldwide at cheap prices.
  • Flora2000 – Send amazing flowers to all countries. Flowers are great gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.
  • FlowerFast – Nationwide fast flowers delivery in the US. Flower bouquets, roses, balloons by top florists.
  • SendFlowers – Send flowers by occasion. Top flowers, roses, plants, fruit baskets and more.
  • Four Seasons Nursery – Be it any time of the year, they have the best flowers and plants.
  • Global Rose – Roses are wonderful gifts. Global Rose has all kinds of roses in various colors.
  • JustFlowers – When nothing works, flowers work! JustFlowers has nothing but gorgeous fresh flowers.
  • FlowerDelivery – Flower delivery, wherever you wish and whenever you wish!
  • USAFlorist – One of the top florists in the US with beautiful flowers for your beautiful partner.
  • FlowerDeliveryExpress – When you wish to deliver flowers fast, FlowerDeliveryExpress is your best bet.

Unique romantic gift ideas

  • Romantic Gifts – A wonderful store to find the best romantic gifts at low prices.
  • Fascinations – Amazing gift ideas such as art bank, gorgeous clocks, desktop aquariums, gyro-ring, gorgeous globes and lots more fascinating gift items.
  • SexySlang – Party games, intimate games, romantic apparel and lots more gift ideas here.
  • UStarNovels – Novels in which you and your partner are the main characters. Personalize a novel, a wonderful gift for your partner!
  • Alpha Dream – Pheromones cologne for men and women, a wonderful gift to someone you love.
  • LiquidTrust – Trust is everything! Discover this trust enhancing spray and buy for yourself or gift to your loved one!
  • Customized Classics – Amazing personalized books and romantic novels starring you!
  • Flora2000 – Flowers are the best romantic gifts, amazing flowers from Flora2000 can win anyone’s heart easily.
  • Valentines Games AtoZ – Amazing fun filled Valentine’s games for young hearts.
  • EdenFantasys – Adult toys and lingerie from Eden Fantasys.

Unique gift baskets gift ideas

  • DesignItYourself Gift Baskets – Design your own gift baskets, its one of the best gift ideas.
  • All About Gifts and Baskets – Its nothing but all about gifts and baskets at low prices.
  • Cheese and Wine – Wine gift baskets are another way to share your love!
  • MyFavoriteCity Gifts – Each city has its own special gifts, find gifts by your favorite city!
  • GoToBaby – Gifts for babies! A wide selection of great gift ideas for babies and their parents.
  • Gourmet Cookie Buckets – Bucket filled with gourmet cookies is every child’s dream and there is a child in all of us.
  • EdibleGiftsPlus – Another wonderful store to find great gift ideas.
  • Gift Baskets Overseas – Wish to send a gift basket to other country? GiftBasketsOverseas makes it easy to deliver your gift basket to any country you wish.
  • SmileyCookie – This Valentine’s Day, smile with the SmileyCookie gifts and gift baskets.
  • Gift Baskets For Delivery – Another wonderful store to find some amazing gift baskets for Valentine’s Day or other occasions.

Unique personalized gift ideas

  • American Personalized Products – The best source for unique personalized gifts for every occasion. Wonderful gift ideas!
  • ETC Trade – A personalized gift is forever, get unique personalized gift ideas here.
  • A Gift Personalized – Another great online store to find the best gift ideas.
  • Choice Shirts – Great designs, great T-shirts and amazing shirts that can be personalized with your own designs.
  • ACE Rosa Pens – Look for cheap price gift ideas? These pens can be personalized, amazing gift ideas.
  • Jigsaw2order – Create personalized jigsaw with your own pictures. Great personalized gifts for your loved ones.
  • Customized Classics – A wonderful store to personalize books and novels.
  • Reminder Band – An excellent gift idea for young hearts. Reminder Bands are cool gifts!
  • R.E. Sports – Personalize sports products and gift to someone who loves sports.
  • SnapTotes – Personalized purses, personalized handbags and more at SnapTotes.

Unique jewelry gift ideas

  • Gemvara – One of the best jewelry stores to find jewelry gift ideas.
  • Diamond Studs Only – Women and girls love diamond studs. Also, studs are small jewelry items, they are cheap. Gift your girl a diamond stud and she will love it.
  • Heartsmith – The name says it all. Heartsmith has some amazing Valentine’s Day special jewelry gifts.
  • Semiprecious – Gem stone silver jewelry, necklaces, rings and lots more at low prices.
  • Body Jewelry – Jewelry that speaks for itself, wonderful gift idea.
  • Foxy Originals – Elegant jewelry that your partner would adore, wonderful jewelry gift items available.
  • Elite Jewels – Be it anything related to jewelry items, you will find it here.
  • Emitations – Emitations.com is another wonderful jewelry store with thousands of jewelry items at low prices.
  • Fantasy Jewelry Box – Jewelry box is another wonderful gift idea.
  • Free Jewelry – Save money, gift free jewelry through this online store.

Unique accessory gift ideas

  • Matrix Eye Wear – The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions sunglasses. Perfect gift ideas for someone who loves eyeglasses.
  • HourPower Watches – The best place to find wrist watches and gift it to your loved one.
  • Hot Buckles – Custom belts and buckles that are great gift ideas.
  • Airbak – A unique product, wonderful backpacks for runners, hikers, techies and photographers, kids, adults, teens, gym-goers, and everyone else.
  • Shoebacca – Wonderful athletic shoes for men, women and kids of all ages. Excellent gift ideas.
  • Big Discount Fragrances – Fragrances have always been a great gift item.
  • HottPerfume – Discover the hottest perfumes on the planet.
  • Safety Glasses USA – Eyeglasses, goggles and spectacles from the best brands.
  • ThugFashion – Hip hop jewelry, bling bling jewelry, iced out watches and lots more.
  • Manhattan Portage – Original New York messenger bags, a great utility accessory to gift.

Unique health gift ideas

  • Flexcin – Health gifts show your love and care. Flexcin has amazing products for joint pain.
  • Healing Natural Oils – Natural remedies for warts, hemorrhoids, herpes, cold sores and skin ailments.
  • Mario Badescu – Effective skin care and acne care products that work!
  • Tyent USA – Great products like water ionizers, alkaline water, ionized water and more.
  • MindPlace – Light and sound systems and other tools for personal growth. A wonderful gift idea.
  • Sylvan Company – Quality Microdermabrasion Machines for skin care professionals, a wonderful skin-care gift.
  • DIY HCG – Amazing weight and fat loss solution for your loved one.
  • Flexpet – How much do your love your dog or cat? Gift it to someone who owns a pet and they’ll love this gift for sure.
  • Mini Masseuse Pro – Gift your loved one the best portable massage devices and accessories.
  • Walk-In-Lab – How wonderful is a discount medical lab test online? Could be a wonderful gift for your mother, father, grand father or grand mother.

Unique religious gift ideas

  • The Comfort Company – Unique sympathy gifts for someone who has experienced the loss of a loved one.
  • Christian Gear – Unique Christianity gifts online. Godparent gifts, Baptism gifts, Christian clothing and lots more.
  • Biblica Direct – Bibles at discount prices, Premium Bibles, Biblica Books and lots more.
  • Creation Ministries International – Over 7,000 trustworthy articles, evidence affirming biblical creation and lots more.
  • Jerusalem Export – Hand made olive wood gifts from the Holy Land Bethlehem.
  • Bible Land Shop – Bible Land Shop features exclusive spiritual gifts from Israel. They have wonderful gift items.
  • DaySpring – Great gift ideas like Christian cards, Christian gifts and even free e-cards.
  • The Singing Bowl Shop – An amazing Tibetan product, you have to see it for yourself. A wonderful gifting idea!
  • Judaica Kingdom – Handcrafted silver and Judaic art from Israel are wonderful gift ideas.
  • Expressionables – Enjoy your life’s best moments with your loved ones with Expressionables personalized invitations and gifts.

Unique toys gift ideas

  • Stuffed Animals – The best toys store online! Find great toys to gift to the young ones. Top gift ideas at StuffedAnimals.
  • WonderBrains – Educational toys that will not only spend time with your kids but also teach them. Excellent gift ideas for children.
  • Educational Warehouse – Educational toys, developmental games, puzzles and lots more for gifting.
  • Toobeez – A wonderful toy that not only keeps your kids busy but also helps them to develop their brain.
  • Diecast Models Wholesale – Wonderful diecast collection. Gift one or gift many, the price you will pay is just the wholesale price.
  • Innova Toys and Gifts – Amazing physics toys, science toys, education toys and lots more. There couldn’t be a better way to develop a child’s brain. Excellent gifting items.
  • Kids Software Outlet – A great kids software outlet to buy discount Children’s software, educational software and lots more.
  • Fun Friends – Cute, little, gorgeous, amazing, fabulous cell phone covers. Low price but a wonderful gift idea.
  • Puzzle Master – Awesome games and toys that are excellent to gift to anyone you love.
  • MyToyBox – Thousands of toys in various different categories, even you would love to have one from this amazing online toy store. These cute toys are simply among the best gift ideas.

Unique gift ideas for music and art lovers

  • York Photo Lab – Artistic greeting cards, photo books, photo cards, photo wedding invitations and lots more products that can be gifted.
  • Green Screen Wizard – A wonderful artistic software utility that can be used to edit your photo’s background. A perfect gifting idea for wedding and ceremony pictures.
  • CanvasPress – Style your treasured photos and pictures into stunning artwork with this wonder photo editing utility.
  • Legacy Learning Systems – Wonderful art software to learn playing piano, guitar, drums and lots more. Buy it for yourself or gift it to someone who wishes to learn playing instruments.
  • Delphi Glass – Wonderful artistic stained glass supplies and fusing supplies, a great gift idea.
  • DandyMats – Another amazing gift idea are the personalized mats from DandyMats.
  • Get Smart Products – Quality photo albums, scrapbooks, memorybooks, picture frames and lots more products, excellent gift ideas.
  • Watch & Learn – A great store to learn playing a guitar with easy to follow DVD videos. Gift it to someone who wishes to learn playing guitar.
  • ImageKind – Discover new art from thousands of unique and independent artists. Gift art work to someone who loves and appreciates art.
  • BirdLand Music – Thousands of instruments available at lowest prices. Gift an instrument to someone you think would love to play an instrument like guitar, piano, drums, violin and more.

Unique gift ideas for pet owners

  • Vetionx Pet Health – Someone who owns a pet would love to have a gift for their pet. Vetionx offers wonderful products for your pet’s care.
  • Wizdog – Its all about a dog! Anyone who owns a dog is going to adore Wizdog’s revolutionary dog house training solutions.
  • Dogids – Dog collars, charms, tags, apparel, bowls, feeders or anything related to dogs is available here at cheap prices. A wonderful place to find hundreds of gift ideas.
  • Pet Wellbeing – Be it a dog or a cat, it needs care. Gift a dog or cat owner a gift that shows your love and care for their pets.
  • Happytails Spa – Problem solving products for the modern dog! From dog shampoo to dental care kits available at Happytails Spa.
  • Dog Tag Art – Personalize a dog tag and gift to the pet owner, they’ll definitely love your gift.
  • VetMedicines – Show your love and care for your loved one’s pet by gifting dog care products and medicines.
  • HorseLoverz – Show your love and care for your loved one’s horse by gifting horse care products.
  • Whole Life Pets – Great gift ideas for dogs, cats, birds owners at Whole Life Pets.
  • Greg Robert Pet Supplies – A nice online store to find the best pets products and pet supplies.

Unique gift ideas for sports lovers

  • R.E. Sports – Personalize sports products and gift to someone who loves sports.
  • NGC Golf – One of the best golf stores online. You can find the best gift ideas for golf lovers here.
  • NGC Sports – Another great store to find sports products and sports memorabilia at amazing prices.
  • Baseball Express – Gift baseball items to someone who follows or plays baseball.
  • KettleWorx – An amazing fitness product that helps you shape up your body without any stress. One of the best gift ideas for young people.
  • Stack And Tilt – Get stacked with the hottest swing on tour! A wonderful gift idea for golf lovers.
  • Eastern Mountain Sports – The best outdoor sports gear and equipment, great gift ideas at the online store.
  • SportsWall – Sports posters, sports pennants, sports memorabilia, gifts, blankets and lots more gifting ideas.
  • Football Fanatics – A football mall to find the best football gear and gear of all the best football teams in the country.
  • Astone Fitness – Quality exercise equipment for someone who needs to be fit is a great gifting idea.

Unique Books and media gift ideas

  • Subscription Addiction – Magazines subscription and discount magazines are a great way to gift.
  • CheapMagsUSA – Find the best magazines and lowest prices at CheapMagsUSA. Magazines are wonderful gift ideas.
  • MagazineBargains – Another great online magazine subscription store, gift your loved one the best magazines.
  • DiscountMags – Cheap priced magazines are not only great gifts but also easy on your pocket, great gift ideas!
  • Independent Living News – A 20-page monthly financial, health, and tax intelligence newsletter to improve self-reliance, privacy and financial freedom.
  • Rite Price Magazines – Another great magazines online store to find the best titles in magazines at low prices.
  • Pimsleur Approach – Best language learning software for your loved one! Rapidly learn any language in just 10 days!
  • Magazines Unlimited – Be it any magazine, any genre, any gender, you will find it all at Magazines Unlimited online store.
  • SubscriptionAgent – Discount price quality magazines are great gift ideas. Save money and gift the best magazines.
  • McKenzie Books – Quality books online! You will not only find great books but also a dedicated section for gift ideas.

Unique liquor and wine gift ideas

  • Cellars Wine Club – Wine is a wonderful gift! Join premium wine club at CellarsWineClub.
  • Gold Medal Wine Club – Another great online store to find the best wines at lowest prices.
  • Uncorked Ventures – Join wine clubs, find wine gifts such as wine gift baskets and lots more.
  • Beer Machine – Home beer brewing products are perfect gifting ideas for anyone who loves beer.
  • MakeBeer – How cool is it if you can make your own beer at home? Gift a home beer brewing kit!
  • New York City Wine Club – Sponsored by Yorkshire Wines, it is among the best New York City wine clubs!
  • CellarThief – Great wines, Stellar prices. Gift a wine bottle and save money on discount wine.
  • Wired For Wine – Featuring some of the best wines but with one deal each day until sold out. Save money with wine deals!
  • Coastal Vineyards – Coastal Vineyards Wine of the month club saves you money on best wine gifts. Wine is among the greatest gift ideas of all times.
  • MJA Vineyards – World’s finest red wines! Buy for yourself or buy as a gift for your loved one!

Unique Gift Ideas

This is the most comprehensive list of unique gift ideas and we are continuously improving this list. This gift guide has over 250 different gift ideas as of now! If you wish to add a gift idea, please feel free to recommend it by leaving a comment below. If you liked these unique gift ideas, please share it with your friends and family! Please bookmark this page so that whenever you are looking for gift ideas, you can refer to this gifts guide.

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Anybody seen Scarffish? Scarves with starfish. They are so cool: really soft and come in great colors.


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