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by Dev Duff on November 27, 2010

The holidays are around the corner, and whether you’re buying gifts for the musicians in your family or looking for ideas to fill out your own wish list, we’ve put together some great ideas for stocking stuffers. The best part? All the great music gear on this list is under $100! These amazing gift ideas for musicians and music lovers will definitely help you buy some great music gifts while staying within your budget. Even for general gifting, these music products are a great choice. Browse through this list of the best Christmas gifts for musicians and music lovers.

Guitar Gifts

Heet Sound Plus Ebow Electric Bow — $99.95!
Unlock some far out sounds on electric guitar to really expand playing potential. Transform the guitar into horns, woodwinds, or strings by mastering new techniques on the eBow!
Heet Sound Plus Ebow
Planet Waves CTM Chordmaster Tuner — $39.95!
It’s always important to stay in tune, but the Planet Waves CTM also helps you stay in time with a built in metronome and tops it all off with a library of over 7,000 chords! It’s like a guitarist’s Swiss Army knife.
Chordmaster Tuner
CruzTOOLS GTMLT1 GrooveTech Multi-Tool — $15.95!
Speaking of Swiss Army knives, the CruzTOOLS GTMLT1 is a must have for any serious guitarist. It offers all the tools to keep your guitar and its hardware in peak physical condition.
GrooveTech Multi-Tool
Creative Tunings SpiderCapo Tuning Capo — $29.95!
Open up a realm of playing and tuning possibilities with this accessory. It’s adjustable by string for open tunings without having to retune your guitar. This isn’t your grandfather’s capo!
SpiderCapo Tuning Capo
KMI Batt-O-Meter Battery Tester — $21.95!
Make the most out of the battery life on gear by knowing how much juice your batteries have left. With the KMI Batt-O-Meter, foresight can always be 20/20!
Battery Tester

Drum Gifts

Remo Tunable Practice Pad — $17.95!
Every drummer could use a practice pad. Keep your chops up without disturbing the neighbors. Plus, it’s portable, so it won’t disturb anyone else’s neighbors wherever you take it!
Remo Tunable Practice Pad
Rhythm Tech Drum Kit Pack — $39.95!
Because what drummer doesn’t need more cowbell?
Rhythm Tech Drum Kit Pack
Latin Percussion LP15 Flex-a-Tone — $26.95!
This unique percussion instrument doesn’t just sound cool, it’s also tons of fun to play! Add some unique flavor to your songs with the Flex-a-Tone.
Latin Percussion LP15 Flex-a-Tone

Computer Music Gifts

SoundTech STUSBPOD300 Podcasting Kit — $69.95!
Let your voice be heard. This podcasting kit gets you all the essentials to take your talk worldwide.
Podcasting Kit
Ion Audio iCUE3 Discover DJ System — $99.00!
For anyone who’s looking to rule the club or just throw the most killer shindig, the iCUE3 will get the party started. It’s a great first step for any aspiring DJ.
Ion Audio iCUE3 Discover DJ System
iPerform3D Interactive 3D Guitar Lessons — $49.95!
Instrument lessons can get pretty expensive week in and week out, but $49.95 is a steal for a year’s worth of interactive 3D lessons available at your fingertips whenever you feel like learning some new guitar techniques. Recommended for beginning and intermediate players.
3D Guitar Lessons
Notion Progression Guitar Notation/Tablature Software — $99.00!
Notational software is an incredible tool for remembering your own guitar parts or sharing them with others! The next riff you forget could be the one that got away!
Guitar Notation Tablature Software

Music Accessories Gifts

Hearos Jam Session Earplugs — $4.45!
What’s the most important piece of gear for any musician? His ears! Protect your investment by wearing earplugs in high volume situations.
Hearos Jam Session Earplugs
Behringer CT100 Cable Tester — $21.95!
Any musician with more than a couple of cables in his set up knows how frustrating it can be to diagnose a problem when one piece of equipment isn’t working. The handy CT100 is like a doctor’s checkup in the express lane for your cables.
Behringer CT100 Cable Tester
Zildjian Pitch Black Clock — $30.00!
Keep in perfect time with this stylish clock. NOT guaranteed to make your drummer more punctual.
Zildjian Pitch Black Clock

Music Keyboard Gifts

Korg MonoTron Analogue Ribbon Synthesizer — $59.99!
The great thing about synthesizer boxes is that any musician can use them and get some really cool tones. This is one of the most talked about items around the zZounds offices right now, so it’s sure to make a great gift for any musician.
Korg MonoTron Analogue Ribbon Synthesizer
Akai LPK25 Laptop Performance Keyboard — $69.00!
This compact keyboard controller is a surefire way to get any musician en route to computer recording. It’s a great way to easily control your computer’s sounds, spice up your tracks, and lay melody lines down, too!
Akai LPK25 Laptop Performance Keyboard

Bass and DJ Gifts

Electro-Harmonix Bass Big Muff Pi — $82.35!
If a bassist were stuck on a desert island with one bass guitar, one bass amp, and one pedal, this would be the pedal. Don’t believe me? Just ask Charlie from Drive Shaft.
Electro-Harmonix Bass Big Muff Pi
Ion Audio TTUSB Turntable with USB and Software — $89.00!
Have an extensive vinyl collection? Back up those tunes on your computer. And for those of you who don’t know that music used to be released in physical form, start your own collection and hear the difference.
Ion Audio TTUSB Turntable
Behringer MIX800 MiniMIX Karaoke w/Vocal Cancel — $64.99!
Who doesn’t love karaoke? And who wouldn’t love it even more if it wasn’t for the hours long wait between songs while strangers ruin classic Bon Jovi?
Behringer MIX800 MiniMIX Karaoke

Recording/Live Sound Gifts

SwirlyGig Microphone Stand Drink Holder — $9.95!
Keep your drink within arms reach without resting it on your equipment or the ground, where it can be easily kicked over. Remember when cars didn’t have cup holders? Yeah, those were rough times.
SwirlyGig Microphone Stand Drink Holder
Rock-N-Roller R2 Multi-Cart — $99.95!
If you’re constantly moving your gear, give your back a break and get a Rock-N-Roller Multi-Cart. It’ll save you trips loading in and out of the gig, too, so you can spend more time playing and less time schlepping.
Rock-N-Roller R2 Multi-Cart

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