Best gift ideas for women

by Dev Duff on December 17, 2009

Among the toughest things on this planet, to decide a gift for your women. No doubts, it is not going to be easy on your pocket. I have spent heaps of time researching what gifts could please a woman without being too heavy on my savings. So here I write an article sharing my hours of research and to help you decide the best gift ideas for women that are really affordable. Trust me, it wasn’t easy to browse thousands of websites to find that perfect Christmas gift for my girl friend, my mom, and my female friends. These gifts are ideal for women of all ages, be it gifts for girlfriend, gifts for wife, gifts for mom or even grandmother.

Best gift ideas for women

To begin with your search for the best gift ideas for women, you should consider a few factors like what she likes, what are her interests, what sort of gifts could do the magic. Expensive is not always the best. It is easy to buy some expensive items like a HDTV, home theater system, camera, camcorder or such similar items. But if you are buying a gift for your wife and at the same time, you have been thinking of purchasing a HDTV, guess you can cash on this opportunity and purchase a great TV or similar items at VANNS electronics superstore. Oh well, there is nothing bad in purchasing something for your home and purchase it as if you were buying a gift for your wife. She will be extremely happy to see receive such a gift. It simply shows that you care and love your “family”, she wouldn’t mind that wonderful gift for family. However, if you are buying a gift for your female friend, girlfriend, your mom your grandmother or someone else, you have to think what she would love at her age and appreciate your gift.

Cosmetics gift ideas for women

Cosmetics are wonderful gifts and they are simply priceless for gorgeous women. Buying a cosmetic gift and gifting to her would also show that you admire her beauty. However, being a guy, it is tough to decide what sort of cosmetic you should buy for her. However, there are a few wonderful generic cosmetic gift items that any women would love to have. Specially gift items like Solerra sunless tanning product which is among the most popular products for women. Also, I found Origenere Hair and Skin care products very useful cosmetics that any women would love to have. Apart from these products, if you are thinking of buying general cosmetics, I found these stores offering the best cosmetic products at lowest prices. You can find cosmetic items at Shop Ken Paves cosmetic products store which is popular for its unique cosmetic products and their prices are pretty low in comparison to other stores too. Also, when it comes to cosmetics, I like to visit Lauren Hutton cosmetics store where you can find some of the finest quality cosmetics at lowest prices. Another great cosmetics store is LiLash that has always been on my lists.

Apparel gift ideas for women

Women love wearing new dresses and they love to stay inline with latest fashion. Why shouldn’t they? Clothing is a big part of your personality and this is why I believe that apparel makes a perfect fit for gift ideas for women. If you are looking for cheap price gift items, then you can’t go wrong with Spreadshirt Tshirts and the best thing is that you can design and/or customize your own tshirts. If you are serious about Tshirts, I would also recommend visiting Choiceshirts tshirt store. You can find some gorgeous tshirts that can be among the best affordable Christmas gift ideas. Go on, personalize a tshirt with your custom message. But if you are up for some latest fashion dresses, then I would suggest you to visit Chicstar fashion clothing store which is well known for the best fashion dresses at affordable prices. Also, Glamlist is among the top stores to find the latest style and latest fashion women dresses.

Lingerie and Intimate Clothing gift ideas for women

Where lingerie and intimate clothing is one among the most amazing gift ideas, you should be careful and know what you are doing. If you have set your mind to gift lingerie and/or intimate clothing, Yandy lingerie store is among the best places to begin with. At Yandy, you can find latest lingerie designs and styles. You would definitely love visiting the store and shop some of the finest intimate clothing. Also, I have shopped at Intimate Wholesalers and found some mind blowing lingerie and intimate clothing. Their prices are very competitive in comparison to other lingerie stores. You will find all that you are looking for on these two stores. In any case, if your search is not over yet, you can find great intimate clothing at Wicked Temptations and Pierre Silber lingerie stores. Hold your breath because what you are going to see, may leave you breathless (wink).

Jewelry gift ideas for women

Jewelry gifts can do all the magic you have ever imagined, women LOVE jewelry! Oh that’s no brainer, we all know women love Jewelry gifts and diamond gifts. If your budget allows and you have made your mind to gift a jewelry item, I can suggest these store where I have shopped in past and found them the best among thousands of other stores. I always begin looking for jewelry items at Pricerock jewelry store and Heartsmith jewelry store because they have the best jewelry items at lowest prices. Pricerock has all the jewelry products in various categories and Heartsmith specializes in gorgeous lockets and photo lockets. Also, I found Shimmer and Stone jewelry store and Tiffanyline jewelry store among the best stores to find diamond jewelry, gold jewelry, silver jewelry and more, at lowest prices in the market. All these 4 stores are my favorite and millions shop through these stores year after year. You will definitely find the sort of jewelry you are looking for at these stores. Last but not the least, if you plan to gift a watch, you should visit Hourpower Watches and look through their vast collection of watches that are popular among gift lovers.

Gift ideas for music lovers

Is she into music? Does she play an instrument? Is she learning to play some instrument or desires to learn one? Gifting music products is perfect! Here is the time to admire her music or encourage her to learn it quickly, she is definitely going to love your gift. If she is learning to play guitar, drums, piano or she is learning to dance, you can gift her a learning course from Learn and Master web store. They have some of the best fine-tuned music learning courses and packages. I think these courses can be a very good gift idea for music lovers. However, if you wish to gift some instrument, you should visit Bird Land Music store where you can find the BEST instruments at rock low prices. The store has thousands of instruments from low price to highly priced instruments. They generally run clearance sale and you can find some good instruments to gift to your lady. Also, you can find instruments at Same Day Music music store where you can find instruments to gift to your mate.

Flowers and Gift Baskets

Among many traditional gifts are gifting flowers and gift baskets. If you have set your mind to gift flowers, you should visit Flora2000 flowers store where you can find some of the finest flowers for gifting. Similarly, you can also find great flowers and flower bouquets at Send Flowers store where you can find the best flowers at lowest prices. These stores are trusted and they are fast with shipping gifts. For gift baskets, I always head my way to Design It Yourself Gift Baskets gift store where you can design your own gift baskets according to your budget and customize/personalize it with your greetings. When you wish to take full control of your budget, you should have the freedom to design your own gift baskets.


Gifts are memories of lifetime and to make it special, your gift has to be something exceptional. After all, your gift can do all the magic and win her trust. Whatever gift idea you go with, just make sure that it delivers your message to your loved one, be it your wife, daughter, mom, grandmother or a female friend. If you found these gift ideas for women useful, please consider sharing your reviews and views by leaving a comment below. If you think there could be a better gift idea, please suggest it below. We will include your ideas in this list.

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