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by Dev Duff on March 18, 2011

Flying a RC helicopter is a lot of fun. I discovered this after being with my friend who has a lot of experience in flying these hobby toys. He taught me the basics of RC helicopters, how to take them off the ground and fly these amazing toys. When we talk about the best RC helicopter, there is no specific answer. My take on this subject is, it depends on “you”, what level of skill you have with these toys and how far you wish to go with them. There are people who just enjoy a nice smooth flight. But then there is a totally different breed of hobbyists who wish to do maneuver tricks with these toys. So, if you wish to know which is the “best RC helicopter”, you have to find it yourself.

RC Helicopter Reviews

Even I searched for the best RC helicopter when I thought of buying one. So I searched through Google and looked for the best RC heli. I found quite a good number of reviews and lots of information. I read this review of best RC helicopters by The article explains different types of remote controlled helicopters and the basic differences between them. Also, the article suggests top ten RC helicopters but most of the heli mentioned are intermediate or professional level helicopters.

There is a new article recently published about best RC helicopters 2011 that provides a list of the best helicopters in year 2011. Once again, most of the hobby toys mentioned in the article are intermediate or professional level toys.

RC Helicopter Coupons

If anyone is looking for RC helicopter coupons, here are the coupons that I’ve taken from

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Once again, if you are looking for the best RC helicopter, you can find it at the link I’ve mentioned above. But before you spend your money, I always recommend to learn flying a helicopter by using a computer simulator. Once you’ve learned flying a RC helicopter, go for the best one! A piece of advise though, there are some people who suggest to go for a helicopter which is easier to fly. However, my take on this subject is, go for the best RC helicopter that can do everything for you, but learn using a simulator before you put your hands on a real remote controlled helicopter.

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