What is Unclaimed Money?

by Dev Duff on August 26, 2012

Money becomes unclaimed when bank accounts are left dormant, utility deposits aren’t collected, safety deposit boxes are left, etc., and the money and property is then turned over to the state or federal government to hold until claimed.

This normally happens when the owner of the funds has moved and not updated the address with the proper authorities, and are unable to be reached.

In the case the money belongs to a deceased person, relatives of that person are able to claim the money or property. But when nobody claims the money, it comes “unclaimed money” and keeps resting with the state treasury.

Billions of dollars worth money is resting in the state treasury. This money belongs to people like you and me. Just that we do not realize that we own a chunk of this money. Websites like CashUnclaimed.com help people find out their unclaimed money and collect it from the banks and institutions.

What is Cashunclaimed.com?

Cashunclaimed.com is an unclaimed money search database. They have millions of unclaimed money records, along with access to state and federal unclaimed money accounts.

Currently, there is OVER $40 billion in unclaimed money throughout the country sitting in state treasuries! With this high figure, most Americans are the owner of some unclaimed money!

The website offers free unclaimed money searches to anyone who comes on the website, however, they offer exclusive information to members on demand.

How to search Unclaimed money?

In order to get access to the database, Cashunclaimed offers a subscription service for $11.00/month for unlimited access to search for unclaimed money through their website.

Along with the unlimited searches provided, this subscription also gives important information and tips to help with the claim process for unclaimed money. They also offer exclusive tips and advice about unclaimed money or property, available only to members.

Is Cashunclaimed.com Successful?

Cashunclaimed is a very successful company with hundreds of success stories per week! They have been helping Americans since over 8 years, and have recently received an A+ rating with BBB (Better Business Bureau! They have been successful in helping thousands claim MILLIONS of dollars already!

What can you do with Unclaimed Money?

Unclaimed money is your property, it belongs to you. While it is in the treasury, its doing no good to you. But if you know that thousands of dollars belong to you and you can claim that money, think about the possibilities!

You could claim your money with the help of CashUnclaimed website and then you can use that money in business. You can use that money to build a brighter future, help your family, get education and have a better life.

It doesn’t take a dime to make a search and see if there’s some of your money stuck in the treasury! Go ahead and search at CashUnclaimed.com and search for your unclaimed money!

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Interesting!! Never knew that there could be a business to cash unclaimed cash.


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