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by Dev Duff on June 4, 2010

My heart bleeds for those who are in need in these tough times. Floods, tornado, earthquake, disasters teach us the value of sharing. Donating in these times can help a lot of people who are helpless. However, the question comes to my mind, where to donate? How can I donate online and help others? Which websites are trustworthy? Which websites will forward my donation without taking a big cut. When I plan to donate stuff, donate a car, donate furniture, donate household items to charity or donate anything else, I wish to know where is that stuff going. I wish to know if my donations are going to the needy in full.

I researched on this heavily and discovered some of the sites that are trustworthy and people who are operating these charity donation websites, have been helping the needy people since years. The organizations/charities that I’m about to share with you have been fully tested and are trustworthy. But before we talk about organizations and charities, lets talk about what you can donate to help the needy? The answer to this question is anything that you donate, will help the needy!

What to donate?

You can literally donate anything online from the comfort of your home and you won’t have to pay a dime to forward your donations to help others, most donation websites have pickup and shipping facilities. You can donate a car, donate furniture, donate toys, household items, electronics, books, clothes, old computers, anything! You can donate anything and all that will definitely help boosting the relief efforts at places struck by disaster. You may be amazed but every cent counts and makes a huge difference, so never think what you plan to donate is not enough. Every donation adds and helps boosting relief efforts at places affected by disasters.

Where to donate?

This is a million dollar question and the most important of all. Before you donate, you should make sure to know about how they will handle your donation. You should make sure that your donation will be forwarded to the real needy people. I searched and spent a lot of time researching the best places to donate your stuff like donating a car, donating furniture, donating toys, donating clothes, donating house, donating real estate, etc. There’s this website called where people can donate their body organs. However, Matching Donors recently added another facility to their website where you can donate literally anything, be it a car, truck, bike, boat, house, real estate and even donate an airplane. Another website, where you can donate cash or your stuff to help kids complete their class projects. There may be other such good websites that take donations, but I would need your help to find out all of them. I’m interested in knowing if you have donated recently or in past, where did you donate your stuff?

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Arif Shaik

Good post. Good responses will come for a good cause. All the best.


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