How to find success in Real Estate business?

by Dev Duff on March 10, 2010

Real Estate Business

I have always wondered about setting up a real estate business and find success in buying and selling property. However, like other people new to the real estate business, a question that comes to my mind: How to find success in real estate business? Setting up a business requires knowledge and the deep insights of the business.

If you are reading this, it is obvious that you are interested in starting a Real Estate business and wish to understand the concept of property sale/purchase. Real estate business is a very risky business because there is a lot of research and forecasting involved in this business. If you do not research enough, it is possible that you will burn your assets in days. Secondly, without proper resources on your hand, the risk factor increases to levels that may not be worth the effort. I started my research last year and I’m still researching the best resources that can help me understand the concept of real estate and avoid pitfalls. Like Donald Trump from Trump UniversityTrump University says “Proper research and timing can make you a Fortune in Real Estate business”. I found a lot of good material from Donald’s newsletters and books to read and learn about this wonderful business of property sale and purchase. I also learned how to neutralize risk and build your business in today’s hazardous real estate market. If we can somehow learn to make money in these recession times, there is nothing that can stop us from getting all the success we need in the Real estate business.

It would be somewhat tough for me to explain all that I have learned so far in all these months but I have already purchased some property which seems making some benefits and I get a lot of calls from buyers and clients. It feels so great to get into this business because what we are talking about is making thousands and millions in this business and this business has a LOT of potential if you are determined to research and learn. One excellent resource is Donald’s Trump UniversityTrump University to learn and understand the real estate business, but there must be other great resources where we can find wonderful information that can be helpful in understanding the concept of this business.

So if you are a like minded professional and running a real estate business, would you mind sharing your resources with the community here? Please consider sharing helpful resources that helped you find success in the real estate business. Your views and reviews are much appreciated. Thank you for reading this article.

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Good article, I haven’t yet explored Trumptactics. But after reading your article, I will give a look and see if that’s helpful. Thanks for sharing resources.



That’s a great place to begin learning the secrets of Real Estate business. I’m subscribed to Donald’s newsletters, they are pretty helpful in understanding the basics of real estate.



Good article, thanks for sharing.



Awesome .. going to check donald’s website and will write my review in a few days, will let you all know how it goes. thanks for sharing your real estate resources guys. thank you.


Kelly Jones

I think the key to doing real estate right is research. As a Portland Bankruptcy Lawyer I am always concerned when a client does not properly research their real estate investments. Buying property can make or break a long term financial plan.



thank you for that informative post



To be successful you need to determine you level of risk and stay with your limits.


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